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Before you start your next job or return to the workplace after a break our foundational course helps you experience what it is like to be part of a working community. We encourage you to learn the basics and find your rhythm step by step, with exposure to a number of industries at your own pace. This may includes diverse learning topics:



Financial Literacy

Building / Carpentry

Coffee Making/Barista

Automotive restoration

Working with animals

Agricultural Services


Critical Thinking


(Based on individual needs)


From 4 weeks - 6 months 


Delivered in Flexible Sessions


(from quarterly sessions to Full time) 

* Scholarships Available

Practical "Hands On" Learning

Introduction to 

H  o  s  p  i  t  a  l  i  t  y


Boost your resume, add practical skills and learn  how to do all the basics you need, to allow you to feel comfortable and ready to get your foot in the door for that cafe, bar, RSL or restaurant position, including:

 Coffee Making

Serving Drinks

Serving customers

You will receive the following practical qualifications:


Your RSA 


+  Your RSG

Certificate II in hospitality


8 weeks (2 days/week)

(+ 12 work experience sessions)

Classroom Theory Sessions 


Practical Training Sessions

* scholarships available

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