The Symbols of Hope Scholarship model not a traditional scholarship program. It is about empowerment towards employment and self-sustainability.  It is open to people from all backgrounds, looking to improve their lives and build a pathways and their own personal dreams.


Over the last 3 years scholarships have been awarded exclusively to candidates nominated by our impact partners. With a focus on giving opportunities to those who face stigma or challenging circumstances and are often not catered for by traditional government assistance or facing hurdles that do not allow easy societal acceptance or transitions into employment. 


Our scholarships cover a wide range of basic needs (travel, living expenses, housing, food, uniforms etc) and training costs (on-site trainers, TAFE accredited lessons), as well as crisis accommodation in some cases. Safe, supported housing, is also sourced and provided in some cases for vulnerable people who have e completed our programs and are trying to make it on their own. Creating additional support towards maintaining long term employment opportunities.


We do not have a unique criteria classification, nominations are all considered on their merits and in consultation with impact partners nominating individuals.


A shortlist of impact partners have been appointed to assist in nomination of scholarships, from the people they work with in their own operations and service delivery.