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Alaya aspires in the long term to build a national network of off-grid cabins and immersive experiences in nature. The social enterprise have operated SOH training pilot programs in New South Wales and Queensland. The group is now focusing primarily on a flagship property on the New South Wales, Central Coast, to act as a show case for the many partners already keen to host cabins around the country.



Vessel is working with partners around the country, restoring beautiful vehicles. Finding ways to convert classic cars to EV whilst retaining the ability to return them to original factory  condition. Currently offering Hope Sessions to SOH trainees to visit workshops and learn about the process. With the aspiration to work with partners to provide world class training and offer full and part-time employment roles in the future, when kit currently being developed are available.


Addi Road

In the heart of Sydney's Inner West, sits nine acres of endless stories and connection to grassroots community led impact. Pure has been asked to assist the amazing Addi Road team and their army of volunteers, to help manage the kitchen and hospitality needs of this unique and special place. SOH is proud of the tens of thousands of meals it has helped provide to communities without food security in Sydney (since the first COVID lockdown). And inspired by the generosity of spirit witnessed every day at Addi Road.


Pure Advice

Pure Advice has offices in the Sydney CBD and Bondi Junction. The financial advice practice helps support financial literacy programs for all SOH participants by running them through a budgeting process and also helping them understand their payslip, how tax works and also their superannuation. The programs allow participants to overcome anxiety about money, as well as identify their biggest expenses and what could happen if they considered changing behaviour.

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